Make your WFH experience more enjoyable with the portable coffeemaker BEANQUE


When you're at work, you may well rely on a caffeine fix to get you through the day, but now you may be working from home. Home working is a unique experience for many people, and it requires discipline -- and you need to take whatever steps you can to make it more bearable. If you've become used to picking up a coffee on the way to the office, or you're reliant on a state-of-the-art coffee machine, your meagre offerings at home may come as a disappointment.

But before you rush out and spend a fortune on an expensive espresso machine, we've found a solution that you can use right at your desk. BEANQUE is an on-the-go coffeemaker, offering a bean-to-cup experience in a portable, rechargeable unit.

The grind+brew+travel mug combo transforms your favorite beans into fresh ground coffee at the touch of a button. The electric grinder features a ceramic burr element to avoid heating and spoiling beans, and the grind size is fully adjustable. The unit can hold 50g of beans, and includes a measuring cup for the perfect brew every time. An insulated cup is included to ensure your coffee stays the perfect temperature for longer.


The coffeemaker can be charged via USB-C, so providing you have a supply of beans and water, you need never leave your desk. Of course, there's nothing to say that you have to use BEANQUE while at your desk, but the chances are you're not going to be doing a great deal of traveling any time soon… so working from home is as good an excuse as any The fact that the device is battery-powered and portable means it can be used on camping trips and car journeys too.


If you like the look of the device, you can get involved in the Kickstarter campaign -- it is already fully funded. $49 is all it takes to get in as a Super Early Bird supporter. Should you miss out on the limited spot, there's an Early Bird offer priced at $59, or a Kickstarter special which at $69 still represents a 30 percent saving.

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