Spotify now lets you hide songs from other people's playlists

Spotify on phone with earphones

If you've been looking for one more reason to cough up for a Spotify Premium subscription, the ability to hide songs in playlists could be it.


You may well have found a number of near-perfect playlists that other people have created, but there's a reasonable chance that there's at least one song you can't stand. Now, rather than having to skip the track -- or manually recreate the playlist yourself with the offending song removed -- you can simply tell Spotify to hide it.

While the ability to hide the tracks you don't like may not, in itself, be enough to justify a monthly payment for a Spotify Premium account, if you've been teetering on the edge considering whether or not to take the plunge, maybe it will be enough to tip you over.

Should you encounter a track you're not keen on in a playlist, just tap the three-dot Settings button in the Android or iOS app and select the "Hide this song" option. The feature is in the process of rolling out, so you may not see this straight away.

The song hiding option is, at least for now, only available in the Spotify mobile apps. It's not clear if the option will also land on the desktop and web versions.

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