GlobalSign reveals new platform to ease PKI management

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Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) is essential to handling the issuing of digital certificates and managing public-key encryption, but it can prove a burden for businesses.

To make the process easier, certificate authority GlobalSign is launching a new automated PKI platform called Atlas.

Atlas is engineered to empower enterprise IT teams to easily automate, manage and authenticate a broad array of identities -- personal, IoT and mobile devices, and servers -- without needing to worry about complex tasks including key management, directory integration and support of multiple protocols needed to cover a wide array of end points.

Its development has been influenced by several long-term business trends that have proved challenging for enterprises worldwide. These include a global lack of experienced cybersecurity professionals, and always-burdened enterprise IT and security teams. In addition with millions of new identities to manage and more touch-points, administration is more complicated and the resources required to oversee it increased.

"We are thrilled to announce Atlas. It is the agile solution experience we have been working towards to better serve our expanding global customer base," says Lila Kee, general manager, Americas at GlobalSign. "Without flexible and scalable tools that are easy to use, organizations are left trying to set up and run their own private Certificate Authority -- usually a Microsoft CA -- which they will have to install manually and manage via outmoded methods, where the pitfalls of mismanagement are numerous and, ultimately, more damaging. Today's launch of Atlas simplifies and automates the entire process of PKI and certificate management. It is truly a leap forward for GlobalSign and the Identity industry, and will be a huge boost for our customers."

Atlas allows businesses to offload the core functions of complex security implementation to a trusted partner, increase cost savings by reducing human capital needs, recoup lost revenue from downtime and outages, and avoid compliance penalties and costs.

At the same time GlobalSign is upgrading the capabilities of its Auto Enrolment Gateway (AEG). "We are also extremely pleased to unveil the upgrades to AEG, which scale extremely well to organizations of different sizes," adds Kee. "Atlas is easier to set up than less robust tools, offers a full range of automation and management functions, comes at a competitive price point and is simple enough to manage that it removes workload and reduces complexity for overburdened IT and security teams."

You can find out more on the GlobalSign site.

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