Microsoft implores you to stop using Cmd and switch to PowerShell


Rich Turner, a senior program manager at Microsoft, has taken to Twitter to practically beg people to move away from Cmd to PowerShell. Why? Well Cmd is an ancient hangover from the days of MS-DOS, for a start!

He explains that Cmd is in maintenance mode, and only continues to exist for the purpose of backward compatibility. Stating "PowerShell is the future", he states categorically that the old command line interpreter "should not be used for interactive shell work".

Turner's tweets were not unprompted. Rather than issuing the advice out of the blue, it came in response to other tweets that complained about the number of command line options in Windows, and the lack of interoperability between them.

He tweeted:

In a further tweet, Turner expressed his belief that Cmd stuck around for longer than it should have:

Have you embraced PowerShell yet, or are you holding doggedly on?

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