Updated platform offers zero-trust management of multi-clouds


Multi-cloud environments tend to be harder to secure because teams and applications are much more distributed resulting in a larger attack surface.

A zero-trust approach deals with these threats but can introduce overheads that make it hard to manage. Morpheus Data is integrating VMware NSX-T and Unisys Stealth technology into its cloud automation framework to enable microsegmentation and dramatically simplify the implementation of zero-trust processes.

For VMware NSX-V and NSX-T, customers can manage transfer zones, distributed firewalls, edge gateways, load balancers and more directly from Morpheus plus securely share these network objects in multi-tenant environments.

Unisys Stealth is a software suite used by government and commercial organizations to protect sensitive systems from cyber threats with identity-driven microsegmentation. Stealth creates communities of interest (COI) that establish exclusive communication channels between members based on trusted identities. Morpheus can create, manage, and synchronize roles and COIs as well as assign Stealth configuration information at provision time.

In addition the platform offers GitOps-based task automation and usability enhancements to help DevOps automation. It also now offers extended cloud support including Microsoft Azure with updated support for the latest version of Azure Kubernetes Service, Google Cloud Platform, VMware, AWS and Azure, Oracle Cloud and Microsoft SCVMM.

It can run on more OSes too with Amazon Linux 2, Red Hat Linux 8.x and SUSE Linux added to existing support for Debian, RHEL 7.x and Ubuntu.

"The ability of Morpheus to enable self-service private clouds in under an hour while unifying people and technology has accelerated customer adoption since the start of the COVID-19 crisis," says Brad Parks, VP business development at Morpheus Data. "Today's updates enhance efficiency, security, and automation which is more critical than ever as organizations reframe priorities for the rest of the year."

You can find out more and request a demo on the Morpheus site.

Photo Credit: Stokkete/Shutterstock

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