Anker releases $100 24K gold USB-C to Lightning cable for fancy lads

Imagine being a fancy lad — a sophisticated man about town that draws attention and respect from everyone around you. Women want to be with you. Men want to be you. You have style, class, and a bank account that holds much money. Your car is foreign and your clothes are expensive. You of course use an iPhone, because that’s what high-class people own. Android is for peasants!

When you need to charge your iPhone, you don’t use the cable it came with, do you? Oh, of course not — that would be so pedestrian. If you are truly a fancy man, you will instead use Anker’s new 24K gold USB-C to Lightning cable. After all, it's probably what Queen Elizabeth II uses to top off her Apple devices. Best of all, it only costs a mere $100 — peanuts.

But what makes this 6-foot "2020 Special Edition" cable worth $100? Anker explains below.

  • Special Edition Gold Design: This 2020 special edition USB-C to Lightning cable features 24K gold-plated cable heads for a design that is bold yet elegant.
  • Precision Engineering: Each PowerLine cable is assembled partially by hand and must pass through a painstaking 51-step construction process to meet our exacting standards.
  • Sophistication and Strength: PowerLine combines an unprecedented 35,000-bend lifespan with a sleek, curved exterior.
  • Certified Compatible: MFi certified for flawless compatibility with Lightning devices, ensuring safe charging at the highest possible speed.
  • Package Includes: PowerLine+ III USB-C to Lightning Cable (6 ft), gift box, black travel pouch, welcome guide, lifetime warranty, and friendly customer service.

All kidding aside, buying a $100 iPhone cable is rather asinine -- especially if Apple eventually ditches the Lightning port. With that said, Anker does make great cables, so if you are crazy enough to buy one (or just rich as hell), it is pretty much a guarantee that it will work wonderfully. Not to mention, Father's Day is soon approaching, so if you don't know what to buy your dad for the holiday, maybe he will be impressed by a gold-plated, hand-made, cable presented in a fancy box. If  you do want to buy it -- for yourself or your daddy -- you can get it here now.

Do you think it is crazy to spend $100 on a 6-foot iPhone cable? Please tell me in the comments below.

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