Chromebook owners get Android versions of DOOM and DOOM II for free -- Here's how

Chromebooks are wonderful computers. In fact, the underlying Linux-based Chrome OS is arguably the most secure desktop operating system on the planet. Yes, it is more secure than Windows or macOS. If you have to access a website for banking information or other sensitive data, a Chromebook is probably the safest way to do so.

With all of that said, they aren't just good for surfing the web or education, but for fun stuff too. Not only can you enjoy streaming media on a Chromebook, but you can actually do some light gaming too -- thanks to Android support and the Google Play Store. Two classic games -- DOOM and DOOM II -- are on Play Store for $5 a piece, but if you own a Chromebook, you can get both for free!

To access this limited-time deal, simply click this link from your Chromebook. This will launch the perks page, where Google typically rewards new Chromebook owners with some free stuff. This DOOM and DOOM II offer, however, is probably the best such perk to show up.

If your Chromebook isn't new, don't worry -- you can still check to see if your computer is eligible. If it is, you will be brought to the Google Play Store where you can download the games for free. As an FYI, my low-end ASUS Chromebook (without a touch screen) that is about two years old is eligible, so there is a very good chance your laptop is too.

As an added bonus, if you are an Android phone or tablet owner, this perk unlocks the games on those devices as well.

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