Google makes some Google One features free on Android

Google announced today that it will make some features of its Google One subscription-based service free for all Google users provided that Google One is available in the country of origin for a particular user.

If you have never heard of Google One before, you may find Brian's article on the launch of the service useful.


The search giant launched Google One as an upgrade to its paid storage plans. Google One subscriptions extend the available storage, access to experts, the ability to invite up to five family members to the plan so that they may benefit from the features that a Google One subscription provides as well, and other options including the ability to back up important files on Android devices.

To bring this peace of mind to more people, we’re making some Google One features -- phone backup and a new storage manager tool -- free for Google users wherever Google One is available

Today's announcement by Google One director Larissa Fontaine makes some of these features free for Google users who don't have a Google One subscription.

The most prominent feature is the automatic phone backup option that is baked into the Google One application for Android. Android users need to install the Google One application on their device to make use of it. A Google One subscription is not required anymore to use the feature.

Free users have a default storage quota of 15 Gb that is shared across Google services such as Gmail, Google Photos, and Google Drive.

The data is stored in the cloud and users may select what they want the app to back up. The data is not lost if users "break, lose, or upgrade" their phone.

Google plans to release a new application for Apple's iOS operating system that gives users options to store "photos, videos, contacts, and calendar events with Google".

All Google users will also get access to a new storage manager that Google plans to integrate in the Google One application and launch as a web-version as well.

The storage manager provides "an easy way to see how" the storage is being used, and an option to free up space.

Closing Words

The Google One application has not been updated yet to include the new functionality for free users. Google did not mention when it will become available, but it is likely that the functionality is being rolled out gradually.

Apart from binding users to the Google ecosystem, making some Google One features free may also have the added effect of increasing the number of Google One subscriptions as some users may hit quota limits.

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