Generation Z is positive about a connected future

Young workers

A new study released by Deutsche Telekom shows that young Europeans aged 16-26 show a high level of optimism for the potential of technology.

The company has partnered with five-time Grammy award winner Billie Eilish to highlight Gen Z's tech positivity, demonstrating the power and potential of youth in creating a better future.

Following the disruptions caused by COVID-19, 93 percent of European Gen Z think that connected technology can be a useful tool for learning and education. While 86 percent feel that it enables them to connect with online communities through shared passions.

Also 90 percent say that the engagement of young people is key to building a better future, with 75 percent saying that social media supports them in standing up for what they believe in. However, 69 percent say they feel negatively judged for their use of connected tech.

"The seismic events of 2020 will impact the younger generation for years to come; culturally, socially, economically. We wanted to provide Gen Z with a voice and a platform from which to demonstrate how they are harnessing the power of connected technology to make a real difference." says Wolfgang Kampbartold, VP international market communications at Deutsche Telekom. "In collaborating with Billie and our team of young people, we are shining a light on the incredible potential of this generation, as they navigate a new future."

An international campaign launches today with a film featuring Billie Eilish and a host of inspirational Gen Z contributors with real stories to tell. Directed by Vincent Haycock, the film celebrates the things young people are doing today. With footage shot pre COVID-19, it shows how this generation are challenging negative perceptions around their use of technology, showing how they are using it to affect the things they really care about, from campaigning for climate change, championing equality, creativity and even cyber security.

You can watch the film and find out more about the campaign here.

Photo Credit: Anchiy/Shutterstock

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