Dashlane launches new password health reporting tool for businesses

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Good security practices are more important than ever in the current climate, with people working from home using their own devices.

Password management specialist Dashlane is launching a new reporting tool that gives company administrators in-depth visibility into employee password security along with the ability to track improvements over time.


The Password Health Reporting Dashboard, available for Dashlane's business customers, helps organizations both identify employees with poor password habits and evaluate the effectiveness of their security initiatives and password policies.

The tool displays a Password Health Score -- Dashlane recommends aiming for a score of 90 percent or above -- but also allows it to be tracked over time. When businesses understand the results of security initiatives, they can be more efficient and adjust their strategies accordingly. Using Dashlane, IT administrators can identify weak employee passwords while providing actionable insights and measurable results to management on the effectiveness of strategies and tactics to bring the company in line with best practices.

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"A company's security is only as strong as an employee's weakest password, making password managers the best first line of defense against a hack or breach," says Emmanuel Schalit, co-founder and CEO of Dashlane. "Many of our business customers have requested the ability to dig deeper into their company’s password performance to make Dashlane an even more effective tool for increasing digital security. We're proud to offer this historical reporting feature, as a deeper knowledge of password security, coupled with education for employees on best practices they can instill both at work and home, is ultimately what will help prevent costly breaches and hacks."

You can find out more on the Dashlane site.

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