Most organizations face challenges when moving to the cloud

resistance to cloud

Hybrid cloud is increasingly seen as the way to go in terms of business agility, but a new report from Nutanix shows that 94 percent of respondents' organizations have experienced challenges when moving to the cloud.

A majority of respondents also admit to feeling concerns surrounding security (90 percent), reliability (75 percent), cost (72 percent) and/or performance (69 percent) when using public cloud services.

Factors that prevent organizations from moving to the cloud include the need to re-architecture platform applications (75 percent), the complexity of migration (71 percent) and the cloud skills shortage (69 percent). Third-party vendors are often making it more difficult for organizations to adopt public cloud too, for over half of respondents, external factors such as licensing challenges (58 percent) and/or vendor lock-in (58 percent) are adding extra headaches.


Despite all this nearly all respondents do see the benefits of hybrid cloud. Indeed 99 percent of respondents believe that, if applied correctly, hybrid cloud can offer huge benefits for their organization. These include, improved agility (58 percent), simplified IT architecture (48 percent), reduced operating costs (42 percent) and the ability to highly customize infrastructure (41 percent).

"Ultimately, businesses want the flexibility to leverage the right tools -- and clouds -- for their business," says Wendy Pfeiffer, chief information officer at Nutanix, writing on the company's blog. "More and more businesses are realizing that a unified hybrid cloud environment -- one providing consistent experience, tooling, and operational practices across private and multiple public clouds -- can break down silos and reduce operational inefficiencies. This can help businesses fast track digital initiatives by providing a path to easily 'lift and shift' legacy applications to public cloud without costly re-architecting exercises. Those legacy applications will then also have direct access to cloud native technologies. And true hybrid cloud also provides business with the ability to very quickly scale workload capacity by bursting into the public cloud, or to use the cloud as a backup site for disaster recovery."

The full report is available from the Nutanix site.

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