Satechi launches USB-C Magnetic Wireless Charging Cable for Apple iPhone 12

With the iPhone 12 series of smartphones, Apple went all-in on magnets with its all-new MagSafe technology. I say "all-new" as it is not the same MagSafe used in older MacBook computers -- Apple is simply reusing the name. This new MagSafe is essentially a "wireless" charger (with a wire) that connects to the back of the iPhone magnetically. It's kind of weird, and sort of cool, but yeah, it requires an iPhone 12.

With all of that said, popular accessory-maker Satechi has its own MagSafe-compatible cable on the way. While it looks nicely made, I am not entirely sure why it exists. It is $10 less than Apple's version, which is appreciated, but it apparently maxes out at 7.5 watts -- half the potential wattage of Apple's model (I have reached out to the company to clarify). The Satechi Magnetic Wireless Charging Cable is about 2-feet longer, however.

What is neat about this product, is iPhone 11 compatibility. You see, Satechi is also selling a $10 magnetic sticker that you can affix to the back of your iPhone 11 to essentially make it MagSafe compatible. Satechi says, "If you have an iPhone 11 or are using the iPhone 12 without a MagSafe case, the Magnetic Sticker is required to enable magnetic attachment with our Wireless Charging Cable." In theory, it may unofficially work with older Qi iPhones too.


"Satechi’s USB-C Magnetic Wireless Charging Cable integrates powerful magnets to provide a solid grip while charging the latest iPhone 12. Simply place the back of the smartphone on top of the charger and its magnetic design will snap and click into place, providing peace of mind with a secure and fast charge. The charger provides users a fast charge and less downtime, with up to 7.5W output for iPhone devices," says Satechi.

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The company further says, "The new USB-C Magnetic Wireless Charging Cable was designed to complement Apple aesthetics with a slim profile and sleek, space gray, metallic finish. The nearly 5-foot cable and reversible USB-C connector offers both convenience and portability to recharge anywhere. Satechi’s USB-C Magnetic Wireless Charging Cable provides Qi wireless charging with magnetic connection supported by iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Mini and iPhone 12 without a case."

Should you buy the Satechi USB-C Magnetic Wireless Charging Cable for iPhone 12 (sold here) instead of Apple's official MagSafe charger? That's a tough question. True, Satechi's costs less ($29.99 vs $39), but not by much. And while the cable is longer, that probably doesn't make up for the lower wattage charging. As much as I love Satechi products, this is a time where Apple's offering is probably the better value.

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