No more muffled conversations with the MaskFone


Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic mask wearing has become the norm in many public situations. While this might be good to prevent infection spreading it does have some downsides including muffled phone calls.

Consumer electronics company Binatone is using this week’s CES to launch a clever solution, a wireless headphone and facemask combined.

The MaskFone, made from a soft but durable machine washable fabric, is a true wireless headphone and mask in-one that brings together Hubble Connected's patented technology, including a built-in microphone, with a medical grade N95 Filter. Disposable, interchangeable filters ensure a high-grade level of protection with 95 percent virus filtration.


The MaskFone allows you to speak directly into the microphone, allowing for clearer phone calls while wearing a mask. In addition, the controls are hidden inside for convenient use, and a sleeker look. A direct voice activation button is programmed to wake Alexa and other compatible applications including Siri and Google Assistant.

Inventor and owner of Binatone, Dino Lalvani says, "Especially given the current situation, the MaskFone fixes the most common issue of removing your mask to speak on the phone in order to be heard clearly and exposing yourself and those around you while doing that. Using MaskFone, both you and your surroundings will always stay safe and healthy."

The MaskFone is available now from the company's website and is expected to be in stores from February 1st, priced at $49.99.

There will also be a MegaFone mask which will be equipped with a detachable voice projector that offers a 'walkie talkie' mode for voice projection to make day-to-day conversations easier when wearing a mask.

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