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As more work has moved online the security security issues surrounding collaboration and video conferencing applications have been thrown into the spotlight.

StrikeForce Technologies is launching a new desktop privacy protection suite called PrivacyLok, designed to address the problem by preventing unwanted applications from accessing sensitive data while protecting users from a range of threats.

PrivacyLok is a standalone endpoint protection platform designed specifically to address the vulnerabilities commonly associated with communication and meeting collaboration tools. It stops malware from stealing usernames, passwords or other confidential and personal information as users type on the keyboard, while also blocking spyware from taking control over a device's camera, microphone, speakers and clipboard. In addition, PrivacyLok protects these functions while using video conferencing platforms like Zoom, WebEx and Microsoft Teams that can be easily susceptible to breaches.

"Cyber attacks are increasing and hackers are taking advantage of the new normal by stealing data from computers and spreading malware across networks, which can potentially take down an entire company," says Mark L. Kay, CEO of StrikeForce. "It's safe to say that at some point, malware is going to get through an organization's existing security controls, whether that’s through a video conferencing platform, or other means. PrivacyLok fills a crucial security gap and was designed to address the new realities of remote work, so even if malware gets through, users can feel confident that they are fully protected."

Features include clipboard protection which locks down the content saved when users copy andpaste and prevents applications from accessing sensitive data. Anti-screen scraping prevents malware from secretly taking screenshots of personal information or content displayed on the screen, while camera, microphone and speakers protection locks down access to these devices.

You can find out more and start a free trial on the PrivacyLok site.

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