76 percent of US employees have inappropriate access to sensitive files

A new report from vArmour shows that 76 percent of employees have inappropriate access to a sensitive file, and 76 percent were granted inappropriate access to sensitive files within the past year.

IT leaders surveyed also expressed concern about inappropriate or malicious access to applications and data, with 47 percent concerned about malicious actors impersonating employees and 41 percent concerned about inappropriate access to sensitive information.

In addition 45 percent of IT decision-makers report increased pressure from board level around the security of their organization. 52 percent of respondents say that identity-specific threats are keeping them up at night.


To tackle these issues IT leaders say they need to understand the users' identity to create application access control policy (77 percent), manage policy compliance (73 percent), and respond to incidents (70 percent).

"Many of our customers are asking us how we can accelerate their Zero Trust journey," says Keith Stewart, SVP product at vArmour. "Organizations need real-time visibility and control of user access to applications across their entire enterprise IT estate in order to take steps toward embracing a Zero Trust strategy. Understanding the relationships between every application, every relationship and every user in every environment can help businesses create and orchestrate consistent security policies enterprise-wide."

In order to address these issues vArmour has released version 6 of its Application Controller, enabling organizations to find and control unsanctioned and malicious access, to improve security, and to drive consistent security policies. You can also register for a webinar on improving security strategy starting at 12pm PT today.

Image credit: baranq/depositphotos.com

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