Microsoft admits Windows 10 updates are causing even more printer problems than first thought

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Following reports that a recent update to Windows 10 was causing blue screens as well as problems with printing, Microsoft issued a new series of updates to address the issues. But it seems that the problems caused by this month's Patch Tuesday updates are actually worse than first thought.

Users with certain brands of printer experienced APC_INDEX_MISMATCH errors and blue screens, but now Microsoft has issued a warning that there may be additional problems with elements missing from print outs, or even entirely blank pages being output.

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The problematic updates are KB5000802, KB5000808, KB5000809 and KB5000822. In the support documentation for these four updates, Microsoft acknowledges the APC_INDEX_MISMATCH error problems and BSoDs, and directs people to install the relevant patches for their system. But the company now also acknowledges that there are more problems with the original updates than first appeared to be the case.

For each of these four updates Microsoft issues the same warning:

After installing updates released March 9, 2021 or March 15, 2021, you might get unexpected results when printing from some apps. Issues might include:

  • Elements of the document might print as solid black/color boxes or might be missing, including barcodes, QR codes, and graphics elements, such as logos.
  • Table lines might be missing. Other alignment or formatting issues might also be present.
  • Printing from some apps or to some printers might result in a blank page or label.

There is currently no fix, and Microsoft is not even able to offer a workaround right now. Instead, the company simply says: "We are working on a resolution and estimate a solution will be available in the coming days".

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