Quickly convert any web links into QR Codes that you can open on your smartphone

QR Codes offer a simple way to do all sorts of things on your smartphone, from opening a web page in your browser or adding a new contact, to opening a map at a specific location.

Prolific software developer NirSoft has created new tool for Windows that lets you quickly generate a QR Code ready for scanning with your phone.


SimpleCodeGenerator is a standalone tool that doesn’t require installation -- run the SimpleCodeGenerator.exe file and you’re good to go.

The developer says:

  • After running SimpleCodeGenerator, you can type the URL or other QR string in the text-box just below the toolbar, and then press the 'Generate QR Code' button or press the F5 key. The QR Code will be displayed instantly in the main window of SimpleCodeGenerator.
  • Optionally, you can press F2 to copy the QR Code to the clipboard, and then paste it into another application, like Microsoft Word. You can also export the generated QR Code to png / gif / jpg / tiff / bmp file, by using the 'Save QR Code To Image File' option (Ctrl+S).

You can even create QR Code strings with multiple lines if you wish.

Once your QR Code is ready, anyone can access the information it contains by scanning it with a QR Code reader on their smartphone, or iOS’s own camera app.

 SimpleCodeGenerator can be downloaded from here.

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