New Target Temptation Engine aims to predict where attackers will strike

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Traditional cybersecurity solutions throw up lots of information, making it hard for businesses to identify the threats that they should be prioritizing.

To help security teams focus on the issues that matter most, Randori is launching a 'Target Temptation Engine' that aims to offer defenders the attacker's perspective.

Target Temptation instantly analyzes and ranks exposed assets to identify those most vulnerable to attack. Unlike traditional vulnerability management solutions that only consider the number and severity of vulnerabilities, Target Temptation analyzes the unique characteristics and business context of a target to determine its relative interest to an adversary. This lets organizations gain visibility into how adversaries see their attack surface in real-time, helping them prioritize protection of what matters most.

It helps security teams predict the likelihood of an asset being attacked, finding the weaknesses and fixing them before an adversary does. It also ranks the most 'tempting' assets to an attacker, helping teams prioritize their efforts. Plus it measures the effectiveness of security programs and delivers the evidence to drive change.

"Complexity is the attacker's friend and the defender’s foe. For every 1000 exposed assets, there is often one truly interesting to an attacker," says Brian Hazzard, CEO and co-founder of Randori. "Traditional attack surface management (ASM) and vulnerability management solutions surface thousands of issues, adding complexity to an already massive problem. CISOs don't need more noise, they need clarity. With Target Temptation, Randori is providing defenders with the attacker’s perspective, giving the evidence needed to clearly understand their real-world risk."

Target Temptation is available now and is part of the Randori Attack Platform and you can sign up for a virtual conference on attack surface management to be held on April 14th.

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