How to view Wi-Fi passwords in Windows 10

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Looking to find the password for a Wi-Fi connection? There are various reasons you might want to retrieve the password for a wireless network you have already connected to, but it may not be obviously how to go about it in Windows 10.

Your router may have its security details helpfully printed on a sticker on the back, but this is not necessarily very accessible when you need to get the password for a new laptop or other device. Thankfully, there is a way to view saved Wi-Fi passwords in Windows 10, helping to make life a little easier.

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While it is certainly possible to view the password for a wireless network you have connected to in Windows 10, Microsoft does not make it at clear that you can do this or how to go about it. It is not possible -- or, at least not easy -- to simply retrieve the password for any wireless network you have connected to, just the one you are currently connected to.

So... here's how to get that Wi-Fi password:

  1. Click the Start button followed by Settings
  2. Open Network & Internet and click Status to the left
  3. Click Network and Sharing Center under the Advanced network settings heading
  4. Right click on your wireless network adaptor and select Status
  5. Click the Wireless Properties button and move to the Security tab
  6. Click the Show characters check box and you will be able to see the saved password

It's worth noting that you can also jump directly to Wireless Network Properties by pressing Windows key and R, typing ncpa.cpl and hitting Enter.

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