Microsoft invites you to take part in a Windows 10 Bug Bash

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Microsoft has announced a new Windows 10 Bug Bash for people taking part in the Insider program. The Bug Bash gives the company a chance to gather more information about problems with the operating system, and gives participants the opportunity to earn rewards.

The Bug Bash is available right now and runs until May 17. Microsoft has set up quests to check various elements of Windows 10 including using Desk Management to check storage, and testing the magnifier tool.

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The aim is to eliminate as many bugs as possible. There are already a handful of quests to take part in, and Microsoft promises that more will be added each day. And the reward you can expect for helping out? Well, don't get too excited -- it's just another step to earning a new achievement badge.

Over on Twitter, Microsoft said:

If you want to get involved, you can find out more in the Windows 10 Feedback Hub here.

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