Insiders miss out as Microsoft keeps its cards close to its chest in build up to Windows 11 announcements

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Will it be Windows 11, Windows 365, WindowsOS or simply "Windows" that Microsoft reveals later this month as the successor to Windows 10? There's money being wagered on Windows 11, but we'll just have to hold out to see not only what the name is going to be, but also what the operating system has in terms of new features, tools and aesthetics.

Ordinarily jumping on the latest Insider builds of Windows gives a great way to see into the future. Eager users can try out preview builds ahead of the official update releases, but sadly this will not be the case ahead of the next major version of Windows.

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Anyone thinking of signing up to be an Insider tester with a view to getting a sneaky glimpse at Windows 11 -- or whatever it ends up being called -- is going to be disappointed, at least in the short term. Microsoft has announced that new preview builds are on hold for the "next several weeks". This means that, unless there are any leaks ahead of the big Microsoft event in three weeks' time, everyone is just going to have to hold out to have their curiosity sated, as the company explains.

Over on the Windows blog, Microsoft's Amanda Langowski and Brandon LeBlanc write:

We have been testing our servicing pipeline with Cumulative Updates to the builds released to the Dev Channel. Each week, we would release a new build and then follow up with a Cumulative Update on top of that build before moving to the next build. However, we need to test the process of releasing multiple Cumulative Updates on top of each other on top of the same build. As a result of this, over the course of the next several weeks, our focus will be on releasing multiple Cumulative Updates on top of Build 21390. Having Insiders in the Dev Channel test this will be immensely helpful, and we'll be back to flighting normally again soon!

The good news is that it's not long until the June 24 event, so we should be able to cope until then.

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