Three-quarters of execs say lack of tech talent is a barrier to cloud use

Cloud fail

A new study from consulting firm PwC shows that many businesses are turning to the cloud post-pandemic but that a lack of tech talent is hindering maximising their return on investment.

The study reveals that 50 percent of businesses have gone all-in on the cloud post-pandemic, and an additional 42 percent say they've adopted the cloud in many parts of the business.

However, 75 percent of IT executives say that a lack of tech talent will be a barrier to implementing and maximizing ROI on their cloud investments. Just 36 percent of CIOs report that they have the cloud skills and expertise needed in-house.


Having upskilling programs in place to develop cloud-related skills has become a top concern for organizations world-wide. 47 percent of business leaders worry about their ability to upskill people in line with the new ways of working that the cloud now demands.

On a positive note 57 percent of CIOs report having upskilling programs in place to develop cloud-related skills. Upskilling is also expected to help with recruiting and retention -- about 40-45 percent of chief human resources officers view areas related to cloud talent (ability to attract/retain talent and upskilling) as the biggest impact the technology will have.

Among other findings of the report, is that the cybersecurity and compliance aspects of cloud projects are often afterthoughts. Only 17 percent of respondents include these aspects at the planning stage, while six percent leave them until after implementation.

The report's author's conclude, "Today's value gap and return shortfalls will likely be nothing compared to tomorrow’s missed opportunities. Whatever your title, you have an integral role to play alongside your C-suite peers in defining, shaping and realizing cloud’s promise. Don't just tie cloud to your business strategy; make it the change agent that can secure your future."

The full report is available from the PwC site.

Image Credit: Brian A Jackson / Shutterstock

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