Microsoft will continue to issue 'C release' patch previews for Windows 11

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Keeping Windows up-to-date has always been important, from a security point of view. While patches and updates can be released at any time they are needed, Microsoft uses the monthly Patch Tuesday to roll out updates on a regular basis -- so-called 'B releases'.

With Windows 10, the company has long-issued previews of these updates in the form of 'C releases'. Now Microsoft has confirmed that this is something that will continue with Windows 11.

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The purpose of C releases is to give IT admins the chance to "internally validate releases ahead of the following month’s "B" release" -- although it is also something that non-admins can take advantage of if they would like to try out a new feature or non-security fix ahead of schedule.

News of the continuing availability of these preview releases came in a post on the Windows IT Pro blog by Chris Morrissey. Microsoft has also updated its documentation to make it clear that the "B" and "C" releases for monthly quality updates will apply to Windows 11 just as they have to Windows 10.

Although it would have been strange for Microsoft to change the way updates are released for Windows 11, it is good to have confirmation that things will continue as they have done. However, system administrators and ordinary users alike will no doubt be hoping that the launch of the latest version of the operating system leads to an improvement in the quality of Windows updates, following a spate of problematic patches from Microsoft over the past year or more.

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