Pirate filesharing blog RLSLOG shuts down

Releaselog -- also known simply as RLSLOG -- was for many years the place people went to find out about the latest pirated movies, music, games and software.

It launched in 2006 and took a 'release blog' format that told visitors everything that could wish to know about the latest pirated content, including who released it, the quality, and more. It also provided handy links so that people could download the releases.

Of course, making it easy to download illegal content was never going to go unchallenged, and in 2012, following legal threats, the site removed the links, replacing them with Google searches, so users could still find the content they required without too much additional effort.


The site continued to run after then, working to provide a useful service for anyone wanting to know about the latest pirate releases, but today the site announces it is shutting down.

Under the headline "Game over", site founder Martin posted, "It’s been a hell of a ride" and "RLSLOG 2006-2021".

When TorrentFreak sought clarification, Martin explained:

There is no big reason behind the announcement, we simply decided to focus on other projects and move on, to close this amazing chapter. We have been and we will always remain the very first and also the most visited filesharing blog in the world with hundreds of thousands of loyal readers. For 15 years in a row we provided the fastest and most comprehensive information about the scene and non-scene releases.

He went onto explain that the filesharing world has changed a lot in the 15 years the site ran for, especially with the rise of streaming services offering easy access to legal content, and this also formed part of the reason for the closure.

The filesharing environment has changed a lot in recent years with more and more users paying for content through Netflix, Amazon Prime and other services, or switching to online streaming, which also played a role in our decision. Anyway, beautiful memories and strong friendships will prevail after this amazing chapter and RLSLOG will always be a part of the filesharing history.

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