Yubico launches Security Key C NFC

Earlier this month, Yubico released the long-awaited biometric variant of its popular authentication dongle. Called "Yubikey Bio," it is offered with either USB-A or USB-C connectivity and features a fingerprint reader for enhanced security. Very cool.

While the Yubikey Bio looks like a great product, there is one big problem -- the price. You see, it starts at $80, making it too expensive for many consumers and businesses. Thankfully, today, Yubico launches a much more affordable product, albeit without the fancy biometrics.


The all-new "Security Key C NFC" is exactly what it sounds like; a USB-C authentication dongle that also supports NFC. In other words, you can either plug it into a USB Type-C port on a computer or tap it against a device that offers wireless NFC connectivity. The choice is yours.

The Security Key C NFC is quite versatile, but more importantly, it is incredibly affordable too. You can buy it here now for just $29! It is certified for both FIDO U2F and FIDO2/WebAuthn. Believe it or not, Security Key C NFC even offers resistance to water, tampering, and being crushed.

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