Keeper launches secure one-time password sharing

We all know that you shouldn't share passwords. But we also know that there are occasions when it's useful to do so -- giving temporary access to a Wi-Fi network example or sharing data with contractors.

Keeper Security has come up with an innovative solution that allows users to securely share records with anyone on a time-limited basis.

One-Time Share has been developed following research into the modern reality of credential sharing in home and business environments. Links for Wi-Fi passwords or security system codes automatically expire at a time of the user's choosing and can only be used on one device.


"Devastating cyberattacks are one comprised password away," says Darren Guccione, CEO and co-founder of Keeper Security. "With One-Time Share, we are helping both individuals and businesses securely share critical information, whether that's sharing access credentials with a contractor in a business environment or a family sharing their Wi-Fi password or security system code with a house guest or vendor."

For added ease of use, One-Time Share can be delivered using QR Codes, Airdrop, email, SMS or other out-of-band channels. Shares are also device-locked which means that only the original recipient is able to access and decrypt the data. If the link is later opened up by a third party or the user's email account is compromised, the data cannot be decrypted, except on the original recipient's device.

The encryption model used for One-Time sharing uses the same technology as Keeper Secrets Manager, a zero-knowledge and zero-trust cybersecurity platform for protecting cloud infrastructure.

One-Time Share is available for all customers of Keeper's password manager -- both paid and free -- as well as commercial customers (including Business, Enterprise and MSP plans).

You can find out more on the Keeper security blog.

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