Gamers can fart into CORSAIR's TC200 gaming chairs while playing games

What is the purpose of a chair? Well, it is primarily designed to give your legs and back a break from standing. It works by cradling your buttocks and providing support for your back. Many people use chairs daily, for things like relaxing, working, and more.

Believe it or not, some companies even sell chairs that are specifically designed for playing video games. Called "gaming chairs" they often have a specific "racing" aesthetic that appeals to young men. Of course, women can use them too.

Many of these gamers also eat unhealthy food while gaming, such as pizza rolls, burritos, and other fried things. They often drink carbonated beverages like Mountain Dew too. As you can expect, these foods and liquids can cause intestinal gas, leading to flatulence. Today, CORSAIR launches its new TC200 chairs which you can totally fart into while playing video games. Yes, with these chairs, you can simultaneously pass gas and game in style. You can choose between fabric and faux-leather material options.


"The TC200 Fabric and TC200 Leatherette deliver long-lasting support and comfort when playing, working, or relaxing. The TC200 Fabric is covered in a comfortable cloth exterior for a soft and more breathable surface, while the TC200 Leatherette boasts a luxurious all-leatherette exterior for a clean, stylish aesthetic. Both chairs sport perforated sections that ensure minimal heat retention so you can stay cool even as the competition heats up. Built-in foam lumbar support and a plush detachable memory foam neck pillow support a healthy posture, so you can enjoy hours of gameplay strain-free," says CORSAIR.

The company adds, "Both the TC200 Fabric and TC200 Leatherette include premium elements that make them premier seats for nearly any player. A powerful steel-construction class 4 gas lift lowers or raises the seat with an extensive 120mm range, while highly adjustable 4D armrests can move up or down, left or right, forward or backward, and angle inward and outward to help you pinpoint the perfect sitting position. When it’s time to relax, take advantage of a full 90-180° reclining seat back, supported by a sturdy powder-coated steel wheel base and premium 75mm dual-wheel casters that glide easily on most surfaces."

The TC200 gaming chairs are available from CORSAIR directly here now in either fabric or leatherette (fake leather). Regardless of the material you select, there are two color options available too -- black/black or grey/white. All styles and colors carry the same $399.99 price.

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