Top tips for success in a developer career

Being a software developer is more than just typing away at a computer. To be successful, you need to be able to keep up with the rapidly evolving software industry and the significant developments occurring across the sector.

Developers looking to propel their careers forward need to take a holistic approach to their careers, incorporating soft skills to expand their skill set and take the next step. Mastering this, however, is a challenge. It requires a continuous learning mindset. Make sure you’re equipping yourself to develop experiences and acquire new skills. This will enhance your career and make it easier for you to find fulfillment in your role as a software developer.

Collaboration and communication


The importance of teamwork and collaboration between software developers in career development can often be overlooked. The role often inspires specialism and independent work, with team members focusing on specific parts of larger projects. A developer's contributions, however, are not designed to be done in isolation but rather function alongside those of colleagues. Working in silos can mean the bigger picture gets lost and individuals become single minded in their own tasks.

Collaboration streamlines team focus and enables knowledge sharing. Good communication between peers ensures everyone can keep in the loop with project goals and deadlines. This can help a project maintain focus and drive.

By working as part of a larger team, developers can learn from their colleagues and enhance their skills. Individuals bring unique ways of thinking to a group, and collaboration utilizes the range of ideas contributed, improving the overall quality of the project.

Perhaps the most essential skill for software developers is good communication. This underpins all forms of work between developers, helps the sharing of ideas and improves project management.

Writing skills are also fundamental for developers. A core part of the role is the communication of complex solutions and ideas to colleagues. In many people’s experiences, persuasive writing courses can be as impactful as coding courses on a developer’s career progression. These courses help improve an individual’s ability to write clearly and in a well-articulated manner, which is a vital asset for developers looking to manage projects and lead others.

Open source

It’s important to immerse yourself in environments where you can level up on skills. Many find that working on the many readily available open source projects is a great way to gain this experience, as they provide opportunities to write code at all levels of ability and the possibility of engaging with various tech stacks. 

These projects are also helpful for expanding your professional network. Many highly successful developers contribute to the open source community, and by working on open source projects, you can learn from these experienced developers. To be successful as a developer, you need to be open to learning at every stage of your career. Engaging in the open source community allows you to pick up useful skills first-hand from individuals with a plethora of experience, such as leadership qualities.

It can be overwhelming when you first dip your toe in the open source development space, especially as it is expanding rapidly. A great place to start your exploration is Good First Issue. It’s a website that brings together open tasks that need to be worked on that don’t require a high level of experience.

Plenty of projects need contributions, and they are a great way to make a positive impact while engaging your passions and interests. Developers can contribute as much time to these exciting and different projects as they would like, helping to expand their experiences, learn new skills, and bring variety into their coding. 


The tech industry is constantly expanding, and software developers must keep tabs on advancing technology to succeed in their careers. This can be a never-ending task, but one that can be greatly aided by finding communities of interest. Finding these, and being an active participant in them is a great way to become immersed in the tech ecosystem.

In addition, working on open source community projects in your spare time can help you learn new skills and add experience to your CV. Through the development of other core skills, such as writing, for example, by helping draft open source project documentation or creating a blog.

There are also plenty of podcasts and blogs that are excellent sources of information on the latest software development news and trends, providing a convenient way to keep engaged with the community, outside of working requirements. Ultimately, all knowledge absorbed can help a developer’s career in the long term

The fast-paced nature of software development makes it an exciting field to work in. However, it can be overwhelming and highly competitive.

It is important to remember that a developer's role relies on more than just technical skills and coding practices. Teamwork, communication, and problem-solving skills are essential components of your career. Taking the time to develop these areas will enrich your career, improving your work now and future job prospects.

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Lorna Mitchell is Head of Developer Relations, Aiven.

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