Microsoft splits the Windows 11 Beta Channel into two

Microsoft has announced two Windows 11 builds for the Beta Channel -- Build 22621.290 and Build 22622.290. Why two builds? It’s because the software giant is putting Insiders into one of two groups. This is similar to what the company did back in 2019.

But why, and what’s different about the two builds?

Well, the answer is that Microsoft hopes this will help it validate the ability to release updates with features turned off by default and give the company greater insight into the impact of enabling new features.


Microsoft explains:

By comparing feedback and usage data between Insiders in these two groups, we will get to see if a feature is causing issues with reliability, for example. Based on this insight, it will help us make decisions on whether to make new features available for more Insiders by increasing their rollout or, in some cases, disable a feature to address bugs. The goal is to use the comparison data to ensure the best possible experience as we try out new features and experience with Windows Insiders in the Beta Channel.

This is the difference between the builds:

  • A group of Insiders in the Beta Channel will receive Build updates that will have new features getting rolled out or turned on via an enablement package like how Microsoft releases updates for Windows 10 today.
  • A group of Insiders in the Beta Channel will receive Build updates that will have new features turned off by default.

The majority of Insiders in the Beta Channel will automatically get the Build update. Don’t worry if you land in the Build group (the one with new features turned off by default) as you’ll be able to check for updates and choose to install the one with features rolling out (Build

Image Credit: Ivonne Wierink / Shutterstock

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