Microsoft launches PowerToys v0.61.1 as an important stability-fixing update


It is only a few days since Microsoft unleashed PowerToys v0.61.0 , bringing a slew of "quality of life improvements" to the much-loved collection of utilities. Now the company has released version 0.61.1 which will be of particular interest to Windows 11 users.

Despite lacking new features per se, PowerToys v0.61.1 remains an important release because of the issues that it addresses. Users might be longing for new features, but this development cycle is about improving what's already in place before more is added.

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This time around, the changelog for the latest update to PowerToys is fairly small -- nothing like the lengthy list of changes that were introduced last time.

Microsoft introduces the release of PowerToys v0.61.1 by saying: "This is a patch release to fix issues in v0.61.0 to fix two bugs we deemed important for stability based on incoming rates. See v0.61.0 for full release notes".

The changelog comprises just two entries:

  • #19708 - Fixed an issue causing the PowerToys start menu shortcut to not be installed when updating PowerToys. This only happens on upgrade path.
  • #19722 - Fixed an issue which created a crash report in the Event Viewer when trying to show PowerRename's Windows 11 context menu entry.

As ever, you can download the latest version of PowerToys from GitHub, or use the in-app upgrade option to grab v0.61.1.

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