Microsoft is preparing to release Windows 11 2022 Update -- the update formerly known as Windows 11 22H2

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Users of Windows 11 have been eagerly awaiting the first major update to the operating system. Windows 11 22H2 has been in the works for quite a while now, and it's due for release in the coming weeks; except it's not.

Microsoft will not be releasing Windows 11 22H2, having changed its mind about what the update will be called. Instead, it is Windows 11 2022 Update that will be pushed out to users as soon as next month.

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The name change has not been confirmed by Microsoft, nor mentioned in any press or advertising material.  Rather it was something that was spotted by Twitter user XenoPanther who shared a screenshot of the new name from the Get Started onboarding tool:

Xeno is running Windows 11 build 25182 and says that the same new name also appears in 22621.

But it's not something that all users are seeing, and even XenoPanther reports seeing different names on different computers:

Changing the name to Windows 11 2022 Update is certainly more user-friendly. With Microsoft only planning to release one major update to Windows 11 each year, the new naming convention makes it much quicker for users to determine which version they are running.

We will have to wait until the actual release day -- currently scheduled for 20 September -- to see if Microsoft sticks with this new name or not.

Image credit: ioiak2 / depositphotos

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