Zoom reveals new logo and product name as part of its evolution into a communications platform

Zoom logo 2022

Zoom is far from being a new company, but it really became a household name during the coronavirus pandemic as more and more people were forced to work and communicate online. As part of what it described as an evolution from a video app to a communications platform, Zoom has unveiled a new logo as well as a new name for one of its biggest products

In an apparent bid to more clearly compete with Microsoft Teams, Zoom Chat has been rebranded as Zoom Team Chat. Aping Google and the Goooooogle visual that appears in search results, Zoom has also revealed new Zoooooom imagery to highlight its wide-ranging product line.

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Highlighting the fact that team collaboration is very much part of its raison d'être, Zoom says: "We used to call it Zoom Chat. As of today, we are officially renaming it Zoom Team Chat, to usher in the future of persistent messaging and further enhance teamwork and collaboration. We’ve already made significant investments in Zoom Team Chat’s capabilities, and we'll unveil even more enhancements later this month".

But this is only part of the news from the company. Zoom also says:

And as our product portfolio expands, so too does our brand. We've enhanced the Zoom brand to better explain to current and potential customers the benefits of our communications platform. 

We'll lean on a new visual -- the main image on this post – to help people better understand everything they get with our platform. We are also updating Zoom's visual identity, including color palette, typography, product icons, and more. Most notably, we updated Zoom's core blue to enhance legibility and advance accessibility on our platform. 

Zoom shared news of the rebrand and updated visual identity in a tweet:

More information is available in a blog post from the company.

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