There are already problems with Windows 11 2022 Update for NVIDIA users

Windows 11 2022 Update

It is mere days since Microsoft started the rollout of Windows 11 2022 Update, but there are already reports of issues from people who have updated. Some owners of systems with NVIDIA GPUs are reporting a serious reduction in gaming performance after installing the update.

Reddit and Microsoft community forums are littered with complaints from gamers who have installed Windows 11 2022 Update and found that framerates in games have been slashed by over 87 percent in some cases. Major drops in CPU usage are also leading to stuttering game performance.

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The performance problems do not seem to be limited to particular titles, with everything from Need For Speed Heat to God of War affected. On Reddit, the Windows 11: Version 22H2 (Build 22621) Launch Megathread is populated with posts from numerous disgruntled gamers.

Complaints about frame rate drops, poor game performance and more are also to be found in various threads on Microsoft's own forums.

It is not currently clear whether the issue will be fixed by Microsoft or by NVIDIA; NVIDIA is known to be looking into the problem, and Microsoft developers are almost certainly investigating as well.

Until a fix is released, there are a few potential solutions. Perhaps the most obvious is to simply avoid Windows 11 2022 Update for the time being if you are yet to install. If you have already made the jump, you can try rolling back to a pre-update time.

Another thing to try is pressing Alt + R for a second time (assuming you have already used this keyboard shortcut to activate the GeForce Experience overlay). Some users find that by closing the overly, framerates start to increase, but this is not guaranteed.

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