Privacy-focused DuckDuckGo arrives on macOS in beta

DuckDuckGo for Mac

After what has felt like a very long wait, DuckDuckGo for Mac is now available to anyone who would like to try out the private web browser. Previously only available as a closed beta, the macOS version of DuckDuckGo beta is now open to all.

In addition to protecting privacy in general web browsing, DuckDuckGo for Mac also includes Duck Player, a built-in YouTube player that blocks targeted advertising and stops profiling.

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DuckDuckGo for Mac has been in closed beta since April, and the developers say they have listened to feedback from those who have tried out the browser so far. This has led to a number of changes and additions including a bookmarks bar, pinned tabs, and a way to view your locally stored browsing history.

As with the Windows and mobile versions, DuckDuckGo makes much of the fact that it offers far greater privacy than the mainstream browsers on macOS. In addition to blocking trackers and more, the new Duck Player will be of interest to YouTube users. The company explains:

Cleaning up YouTube with Duck Player -- fewer creepy ads, fewer distractions: Want a more-private way to watch YouTube videos in peace? Duck Player protects you from targeted ads and cookies with a distraction-free interface that incorporates YouTube's strictest privacy settings for embedded video. Any ads you see within Duck Player will not be personalized; in our testing, this prevented ads on most videos altogether. YouTube still registers your views, so it's not totally anonymous, but none of the videos you watch in Duck Player contribute to your YouTube advertising profile or suggest distracting personalized recommendations. The feature can be always-on, ready to go whenever you click a YouTube link, or you can opt in on specific videos -- perfect for when you're sharing your screen, using a shared device, or just trying to stay focused. It's equally easy to get back to the default version of YouTube whenever you want.

If you're interested in trying out DuckDuckGo for Mac Beta 0.30, you can download it here.

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