Microsoft is bringing a HOSTS file editor to PowerToys along with a settings backup option


In the latest version of PowerToys released by Microsoft earlier in the month -- version v0.63 -- perhaps the most notable change was the fact that the size of the installer had been dramatically reduced. While this was a welcome step, what most people are looking for is new features and options!

We already know that the PowerToys development team is working away on a new utility called File LockSmith that will reveal which processes are locking a files, but there is much more in the pipeline. What is there to look forward to? In addition to a tool for editing the HOSTS file, Microsoft is also planning to introduce the ability to backup PowerToys settings.

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The option to create a backup of the settings that have been put in place in PowerToys is something that will please many users -- and for various reasons. While it is hard to say quite when this option might make an appearance in the app, some details have been revealed in a pull request on the PowerToys GitHub repository.

Why will the feature be so useful? Not only does it provide a way to , essentially, create restore points so you can easily undo unwanted changes, it also greatly speeds up the process of reimplementing your chosen settings should you reinstall Windows. On top of this, the feature will make it easy to transfer settings between computers, so all of the machines you use can be configured in the same way.

Another upcoming addition to PowerToys is the arrival of a completely new utility -- Host File Editor.

PowerToys Host File Editor

For anyone who likes or needs to tinker with network and internet settings, editing the HOSTS file is something that people have indulged in for years. There is nothing to stop you from simply editing your HOSTS file in Notepad or some other text editor, the PowerToys Hosts File Editor will make things easier for more people.

As detailed in this pull request, the new utility will make it very easy to not only create an delete entries, but also to use a toggle system to enable or disable them. It will also be possible to quickly rearrange the contents of a HOSTS file and more.

Again, there is no word on when this utility will be launched, but hopefully it's not too far off.

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