CCleaner's new cleaning rules help optimize Windows 11

Piriform has added some new cleaning rules to CCleaner that help to detect and remove surplus files generated by new Windows 11 features including Widgets, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Microsoft News, Windows Defender, OneDrive, File Explorer, and Microsoft Family Safety.

The update also adds more apps to CCleaner’s cleaning list and improves cleaning in Slack.

The list of features and apps the new update cleans up includes:

  • Windows 11 Widgets: These widgets show weather information or news feeds. CCleaner has found these widgets generate cached items, such as logging data, temporary JavaScript files and images, in more than ten locations on a device. It now removes these files for people. 
  • Microsoft Teams: The collaboration, video conferencing, and chat tool "Teams" is now integrated into Windows 11. Teams generates a lot of cached data, log files and other temporary files (13 types in total) that CCleaner now cleans up.
  • Skype: Windows 11 includes a version of Skype that CCleaner cleans up by removing cached data. 
  • Microsoft News: The new News app in Windows 11 creates cached data, including temporary browsing files (images, HTML data) and cookies which CCleaner removes. 
  • Windows Defender: Microsoft’s built-in Windows Defender generates a number of log files that might not be necessary for people to store long-term. CCleaner detects and deletes these files.
  • OneDrive: CCleaner clears out new cache files for the Windows 11 version of OneDrive. 
  • File Explorer (previously known as Windows Explorer): Windows 11 has a new look and feel for File Explorer, but it’s also undergone some under-the-hood changes. CCleaner now detects and removes outdated Windows search data, log files, and shortcuts to recently used files.
  • Microsoft Family Safety: CCleaner cleans temporary files and folders from Family Safety.

Sandro Villinger, Head of Product Strategy, comments, "As adoption of Windows 11 has steadily increased, we have been working to create an exceptional release that is more thorough than the built-in Windows cleaning functionality -- and v6.06 delivers just that. Our mission for CCleaner is to provide people with the tools that allow them to go about their digital lives freely. With the addition of these new cleaning definitions, we help ensure Windows 11 and third-party apps stay clean, to provide people with more disk space, improved device privacy, and greater device reliability."

The new definitions are included in the latest version of CCleaner which can be downloaded here.

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