You could soon be able to grab the Twitter handle of your dreams

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One of the problems with signing up for just about any online service, particularly social platforms, is trying to bag yourself the username you want. On Twitter, this could be about to get a bit easier.

It is no secret that since Elon Musk took over the company, Twitter users have been leaving the site in droves, mainly to Mastodon. Add to this the number of accounts that were set up years ago and never used, accounts that have fallen inactive and there are a lot of Twitter handles that could be opened up to new owners -- and this is precisely what is on the cards.

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While it is not clear quite when it will happen, Twitter is preparing to free up the username associated with accounts that are inactive. For anyone who missed out on their preferred handle during the initial sign-up process, or for people who like the uniformity of having the same handle across platforms, this is great news.

Word of the plans came direct from Musk himself, who tweeted

He later went on to clarify that "these are obvious account deletions with no tweets & no log in for years".

It is not known, however, how the historic tweets posted through these accounts will be dealt with; they could be archived or simply wiped out.

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