Google Search on the desktop gains (almost) endless scrolling

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Google's search engine may be the go-to tool for millions of daily users looking to track down information online, but there has long been room for improvement. As anyone who has conducted a search that returned a huge number of results will know, clicking through page after page of suggestions can be time consuming.

Now Google has come up with a solution. Having delivered continuous scrolling to mobile users last year, the company has now brought the time-saving feature to the desktop. While not quite endless / infinite scrolling, you can now whizz through more results without the need to manually move to the next page.

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For reasons best known to Google, the company has not opted for endless scrolling of search results, opting instead to automatically load up to six pages of results at a time.

The new feature was revealed on Twitter, complete with a handy animation to show how the new results look:

It is not clear whether there are plans to increase the number of results that are displayed at a time, but for heavy-duty searchers, this latest change is a definite step in the right direction.

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