Twitter rolls out View Count so you can check how many people viewed a tweet

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Things have been more than a little turbulent at Twitter since Elon Musk took over at the company. Having overseen various controversial changes including an overhaul to the verification system, the CEO has now announced a feature that is likely to be rather less divisive -- View Count.

The feature is a very simple idea, revealing how many people have viewed a tweet. The information is public so you can see how popular other people's tweet are as well as monitoring your own viewing figures.

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View Count appears beneath individual tweets, and joins existing information such as the number of retweets, quoted tweets and likes a post has received.

As many people have pointed out, this is not an entirely new feature, as it has long been possible to see how many views your tweets have received (Tweet analytics), but View Count is visible to everyone, not just the person who wrote a tweet.

Musk tweeted:

The feature is currently rolling out to the web, iOS and Android. If you don't see it just yet, it will be making its way to you soon.

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