Microsoft brings PC Game Pass to 40 additional countries

Microsoft may be an American company, but make no mistake, the Windows-maker will happily accept money from consumers in any country. And so, today, Microsoft announces its popular PC Game Pass service is expanding to 40 new countries, opening up the platform to millions of additional gamers around the world.

The service will now be available in new countries including Albania, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cyprus, Estonia, Guatemala, Iceland, Kuwait, Latvia, Libya, Liechtenstein, Malta, Oman, Panama, Peru, Qatar, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Tunisia, Ukraine, and more.

With this new expansion, Microsoft is offering a huge variety of games to the gamers in the aforementioned countries. PC Game Pass gives players immediate access to a library of hundreds of PC games on Windows, including new Xbox Game Studios releases on day one, iconic Bethesda games, an EA Play membership, and member-only benefits in Riot Games like League of Legends and Valorant.

To celebrate this launch, Microsoft has a special welcome offer for new members for their first three months. And for those who were a part of the Insider Program, they will receive two free months of PC Game Pass membership as a thank you for helping the company shape the experience and being one of the first PC Game Pass members in their country.

To get started with PC Game Pass, new members can visit to learn more about local pricing and how to sign up. Once signed up, the best place to jump in is with the Xbox app on PC. With the Xbox app, players can browse games, play PC titles, and connect and chat with friends on devices.

In addition to the games already available on PC Game Pass, new titles are being added all the time. For instance, Minecraft Legends will be available on April 18, Redfall will drop on May 2, and Starfield should be an option on September 6.

A full list of new countries are listed below.

  1. Albania
  2. Algeria
  3. Bahrain
  4. Bolivia
  5. Bosnia and Herzegovina
  6. Bulgaria
  7. Costa Rica
  8. Croatia
  9. Cyprus
  10. Ecuador
  11. Egypt
  12. El Salvador
  13. Estonia
  14. Georgia
  15. Guatemala
  16. Honduras
  17. Iceland
  18. Kuwait
  19. Latvia
  20. Libya
  21. Liechtenstein
  22. Lithuania
  23. Luxembourg
  24. Malta
  25. Moldova
  26. Montenegro
  27. Morocco
  28. Nicaragua
  29. North Macedonia
  30. Oman
  31. Panama
  32. Paraguay
  33. Peru
  34. Qatar
  35. Romania
  36. Serbia
  37. Slovenia
  38. Tunisia
  39. Ukraine
  40. Uruguay

Photo Credit: Lightspring/Shutterstock

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