Stealth Browser gives cyber-investigators safe and anonymous access to the dark web

In the ever-evolving world of cybersecurity, professionals constantly seek new methods to gather intelligence and stay ahead of cybercriminals. One crucial source of information lies within the dark web, a realm notorious for its potential hazards to both investigators and their organization's infrastructure.

However, dark web intelligence firm Searchlight Cyber has announced a solution to the problem -- Stealth Browser.

Stealth Browser is a secure, user-friendly virtual machine designed to provide cyber professionals with anonymous access to the dark web, allowing them to conduct investigations without posing risks to themselves or their organizations.

This tool serves as an enhancement to Searchlight's award-winning Cerberus investigation platform, which is widely used by law enforcement agencies, enterprises, and MSSPs to expose criminal activities on the dark web. Cerberus has played a vital role in solving some of the most significant criminal cases related to dark web activity.

Digital Fingerprint Masking

One of the Stealth Browser's key features is its ability to automatically mask an investigator's digital fingerprint, ensuring both novice and experienced investigators can securely access Tor and I2P onions on the dark web without risk.

Searchlight Cyber says the new tool easy to use and investigators can generate a virtual machine directly from any internet browser with a single click, eliminating the need for software installation. This streamlined process is a significant departure from the complex setup traditionally required for safe dark web access, enabling analysts to gather crucial information more efficiently and without the burden of lengthy administrative and approval processes.

Ben Jones, CEO and co-founder of Searchlight Cyber, said: "As with all of our solutions, Stealth Browser was developed in collaboration with our customers to address the challenges they face when conducting critical dark web investigations. Many organizations struggle with providing scalable and secure access to investigate threats on the dark web. Stealth Browser was created to allow any threat analyst, regardless of expertise, to get the information they need while always staying safe and secure."

Stealth Browser is available now to all Cerberus customers. Find out more here.

Image Credit: Wayne Williams

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