77 percent of UK citizens are concerned about online privacy

A new survey shows that 77 percent of people in the UK are concerned about the privacy of their data online, but 15 percent don't do anything at all to protect themselves online.

The study, carried out for Proton by YouGov, reveals concern is even greater among those who have been a victim of a hack, or know someone who has.

Overall, hack victims are more concerned about the privacy of their personal data online. 88 percent are concerned about the privacy of their personal data, compared to 71 percent if they were not a victim of a hack. 37 percent of respondents had either themselves been the victim of a hack, or knew someone that had in the past year.

The findings also show that 66 percent of people would prefer to lose their passport than their email. This suggests that these issues are on people’s radar, and that they understand the fundamental importance of their email to their online lives. In addition 69 percent of respondents say that they don’t understand how online services use their data.

Andy Yen, Founder and CEO of Proton, says:

For too long, people have got a raw deal from tech companies monetizing and abusing their data. And people are upset about their online privacy, but they don't know what to do about it. The onus is on companies that operate online not just to make it easier for people to understand what happens to their data, but to make privacy the default.

Online business models where people come first and their data can never be seen, abused, or monetized need to become the norm. At Proton we firmly believe that surveillance-centric platforms aren't the only way to operate online, and that the internet can work in the interests of people.

There are interesting generational differences too. Only 62 percent of respondents aged 18-25 (Gen Z) are concerned about the privacy of their personal data -- and over a quarter (26 percent) say they aren't concerned about their online data privacy at all. 10 percent of Gen Z say they would be unwilling to take steps to protect their privacy in the next 12 months.

You can get the full report on the Proton site.

Image credit: yacobchuk1/depositphotos.com

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