Microsoft is testing a Windows 11 TPM Troubleshooter

The latest Windows 11 development build includes a new TPM Troubleshooter tool designed to help administrators fix TPM related issues. The tool may help fix TPM related issues automatically and it may also be used to reset TPM.

Microsoft made TPM a requirement when it released Windows 11. The company claims that it improves overall security and ensures that certain features are supported on all Windows 11 devices.

The requirement restricts installations of Windows 11 however, as the official installer stops when no TPM chip is detected. While there are ways around this, requiring a TPM chip also caused updates to fail on systems that had one.

Windows users who bypassed the requirements may also run into issues later on, especially when trying to upgrade to a new version of the operating system.

Microsoft published a guide on enabling TPM on Windows devices to address this issue. Windows 11's TPM requirements are a big mess for administrators and users, as TPM problems may also occur on running Windows 11 systems.

Microsoft is testing a new TPM Troubleshooter tool in Windows 11 build 25905.

The new troubleshooting assistant is found under Device Security in Windows Security. Windows 11 users may open Windows Security via Start > Settings > Privacy & security > Windows Security.

The section is called Security processor troubleshooting right now. It lists error messages, logged by the operating system, at the top of the page.

Below that is a button to run the TPM Troubleshooter and information about detected TPM vulnerabilities. The tool works similarly to other troubleshooters of the operating system; its scan detects common problems and suggests to fix these on the device.

The section has another option: Clear TPM resets the TPM settings to their defaults. Microsoft notes that the device needs to restart to complete that process.

The new functionality is rolling out gradually to the entire development population. Microsoft has yet to make an official announcement. The official release post of the build does not list the TPM Troubleshooter as a new feature.

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