Linux Mint Debian Edition 6 'Faye' enters development and Ubuntu-based Linux Mint 21.3 is due on Christmas

According to a new blog post, development is officially underway for the latest version of the Linux Mint Debian Edition (LMDE) 6. Code-named "Faye," the upcoming version of the Debian-based operating system is set to bring over all features and changes present in Linux Mint 21.2.

With that said, there isn't a set release date for LMDE 6 yet, as the developers are focusing on stability and completeness over speed. Once the base is ready, they intend to add more features, possibly bridging the current functionality gap between Linux Mint and LMDE.

Simultaneously, the Linux Mint team is planning to release an EDGE ISO for Linux Mint 21.2. This ISO is expected to feature a 6.2 kernel, promising easier booting of Mint on brand new hardware, potentially enhancing user experience and broadening hardware compatibility.

Looking ahead to future releases, it appears that the scope of the Ubuntu-based Linux Mint 21.3, planned for Christmas 2023, might be more focused than previous versions. While developers have many innovative ideas for features, they have also indicated their intention to prioritize long-term development aspects. Among these are updates to the ISO production tools and fixing secure boot, a critical issue for many Linux Mint users.

Additionally, the team is expressing interest in evaluating Wayland, the potential successor to the X Window System, to assess its benefits and drawbacks and the workload required for its adoption.

Lastly, as Ubuntu increasingly focuses on Snap and its 24.04 package base, the Linux Mint team is keeping an eye on these developments to understand their implications for the future of Linux Mint. Could LMDE eventually replace its Ubuntu-based cousin?

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