A quarter of IT professionals are considering quitting their jobs

Employee leaving

New research released today by Ivanti shows that a quarter of IT professionals are seriously contemplating leaving their current jobs within the next six months, potentially costing US companies upwards of $145 billion dollars.

The report also shows IT staff are 1.4 times more likely to disengage and 'quiet quit' their jobs compared to other knowledge workers.

So what are the reasons for this? A major factor is a 73 percent increase in workloads due to hybrid or remote working, which is leading to one in four suffering from burnout. 23 percent of IT staff cite a loss of connection to colleagues compared to just 17 percent of general office workers.

IT workers are also 2.5 times more likely to work longer hours when working remotely. Among the quarter considering quitting their jobs, 31 percent report that their mental health is suffering.

But despite all this 84 percent of respondents say that they want to continue to work remotely for at least some of the time.

"IT teams are the driving force making Everywhere Work a reality for organizations, yet they are grappling with a heavy workload," says Jeff Abbott, CEO at Ivanti. "In fact, organizations continue to struggle to retain IT talent (a decades long problem) -- and it is costing them productivity gains and affecting their bottom line. Companies must embrace automation to alleviate IT workloads, ultimately fostering a destination environment that retains premier IT professionals and cultivates a competitive advantage. We've spent years digitally transforming all corners of the business, now is the time to transform the IT environments and help the people that make all of the transformation possible."

You can get the full report, which includes tips for organizations to support and retain their IT workers, from the Ivanti site.

Image credit: ijeab/depositphotos.com

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