Yahoo Mail reinvents Inbox with new AI tools and Shopping Saver feature

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Today marks a significant leap in email innovation as Yahoo introduces advanced AI tools to its Yahoo Mail. Not just enhancing the existing AI beta experience, the tech giant also unveils its brand-new feature, Shopping Saver, aimed at saving users both time and money. With this, Yahoo is not just updating an inbox; they're reimagining it.

Distinctive to Yahoo Mail, Shopping Saver is the beacon that illuminates those lost treasures in user inboxes -- forgotten gift cards, elusive discount codes, and untouched store credits. In an imprsssive move, it not only uncovers these but also crafts messages to vendors, proposing the application of these savings post-purchase.

Considering that nearly 50 percent of U.S adults possess at least one unclaimed gift card or store credit, this feature is nothing short of a goldmine. Yahoo Mail users can now transform their idle inbox assets into tangible savings.

Josh Jacobson, Senior Vice President & General Manager of Yahoo Mail, shared, “In our pursuit of creating an assistive inbox, we’ve introduced a holistic suite of tools on Yahoo Mail, steering users towards both time and monetary savings.” He further emphasized the staggering $23 billion in dormant gift cards and credits. “With our revolutionary tools, we aspire to reclaim a fraction of this dormant wealth for our users,” he added.

This newly introduced Shopping Saver, along with several other enhancements, is embedded within the AI beta experience of Yahoo Mail, initially rolled out to iOS users. Gearing up for a public launch, the beta now extends its accessibility across iOS and web platforms.

Powered by Google Cloud’s AI prowess, the AI beta significantly enhances Yahoo Mail's functionalities. The Search tool has evolved to suggest frequently asked questions, aiding users in effortlessly finding their desired information. This is a departure from just relying on keywords, as users can now either pose a specific question or choose from a range of relevant queries.

Additionally, the integration of filters such as From, To, and Date refines the search experience even further. On the other hand, the Writing Assistant, drawing from the context of email conversations, now provides reply suggestions that mirror the user’s voice. With the expanded beta, there's no limitation on tones, allowing users to choose from a plethora of expressions, whether they want to convey urgency or express gratitude.

Lastly, the Message Summary tool adeptly distills the core information from messages, highlighting vital details such as time, date, and next steps, while also recommending potential tasks or subsequent actions.

Expressing her enthusiasm, Adaire Fox-Martin, President of Google Cloud Go-to-Market, stated, “We’re elated to see Yahoo leveraging Google Cloud’s AI solutions to revolutionize Yahoo Mail. With AI at the helm, it's not just about redefining but enriching user experiences, whether it's bagging deals, refining searches, or enhancing communication.”

In this new era of AI-driven experiences, Yahoo Mail’s latest innovations are a peek into to what lies ahead for email platforms. It is fascinating to imagine where AI will take us next. You can sign up to beta test these new features here.

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