Raycon launches 100W Magic Charger with advanced GaN technology

Raycon today launches its Magic Charger 100W. The new product utilizes Gallium Nitride (GaN) technology, crafted meticulously to shield your gadgets from overcharging and overheating, all while retaining impressive charging speed. And yes, the prongs on the rear are foldable.

The Magic Charger houses three Type-C ports alongside one USB-A port to juice up several gadgets at once. It should be quite beneficial for those who juggle between multiple devices, as they can plug their laptops into the charger's USB-C port to harness the full 100W charging power. Alternatively, they can mix and match the ports to charge their mobile phones and other gadgets simultaneously.

Two of the USB-C ports are engineered to provide the full 100W, while the third USB-C port and the USB-A port offer up to 30W. This nuanced power distribution ensures that your devices get the optimal charge they need without a hitch. Besides, the built-in cooling technology is a safeguard against overheating and overcharging, letting you charge your devices swiftly and with assured safety.

Magic Charger 100W is available for purchase now from the company directly at RayconGlobal.com. How much does it cost? I am happy to report it is reasonably priced at just $59.99.

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