Malwarebytes launches ID theft protection for consumers

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This week Malwarebytes has launched a new identity theft protection solution aimed at individuals, helping them secure their digital identities and defend against identity and online threats.

Called -- imagine how many meetings it must have taken! -- Identity Theft Protection, it includes real-time identity monitoring and alerts, robust credit protection and reporting and live agent-supported identity recovery and resolution services, all backed by up to a $2 million identity theft insurance policy.

Recent research from Malwarebytes shows identity theft ranks as people’s third biggest concern when it comes to online security, just behind fear of financial accounts and personal data being breached -- both of which play into identity theft. Of those surveyed 64 percent agree that identity theft protection is important, but only 13 percent have it.

"Even as we spend more and more of our lives online, we all know that the internet today can't be trusted," says Mark Beare, GM of Consumer Business Unit at Malwarebytes. "Consumers need a tool that not only blocks threats like malware and phishing, but that also monitors and protects their digital identity, be that social media profiles, bank accounts or email. With Malwarebytes Identity Theft Protection, we provide a robust and exhaustive suite of services so individuals and families can rest easy knowing that we are actively working to keep them safe and protect their digital identity."

Features of the product include, alerts if personal information is being illegally traded or sold online, ongoing tracking of credit for critical changes, such as new accounts or inquiries and applications for new lines of credit. For users in the US a credit freeze also can be activated. Also US only at the moment is a safety score and alerts if personal information is part of a known breach.

It offers assistance in the event of an identity theft incident, including guided steps to report the crime, dispute fraudulent charges, restore identity and recuperate financial losses incurred. It includes an up to $2 million insurance policy.

There are three levels of plan available starting from $10 per month to protect up to five devices. You can discover more on the Malwarebytes site.

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