Microsoft is giving away a custom Bluey Xbox Series X and matching controller

To celebrate the launch of a new Bluey video game, Microsoft has unveiled a custom-themed Xbox Series X console which perfectly captures the energetic spirit and characters from the beloved children's show. Complementing the console is a specially designed controller (also featuring Bluey’s sister, Bingo), adding to the charm and appeal.

Unfortunately, you won't be able to buy this custom console as it's not for sale. Microsoft will instead be giving it away! To make the prize even more appealing, only one edition of this console is being offered for free. Yes, folks, there will be just one winner.

Thankfully, entering the giveaway is extremely easy -- just retweet a specific post on X. This one here. Actually, you must quote tweet it, as you're required to include the hashtag #BlueyXboxSweepstakes.

Before you enter, be sure to read the full rules here.

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