O&O DiskImage 19 Pro improves migration, recovery and virtual machine tools

Berlin developer O&O Software has rolled out O&O DiskImage 19 Pro, a major new release of its Windows imaging and file backup tool. Version 19 builds on previous releases by refining its virtual machine capabilities as well as further improving its recovery tools.

O&O DiskImage 19 Pro, which offers a complete set of backup tools covering everything from backing up individual files to full system images, focuses on two specific areas in this new release.

The first involves making significant improvements to the tool’s recovery options. Here, improvements now make two processes run almost automatically, namely the creation of boot medium for system recovery and using a drive image to migrate to new hardware.

The second area covers the program’s support for creating and backing up virtual machines, which has been steadily improving over the years. Version 19 adds an option to convert image files into Microsoft VHD/VHDX virtual images, enabling them to run their system backups on virtual machines.

O&O DiskImage 19 Pro also extends support for creating differential and incremental backups to virtual drive images, which means users can now more easily create and store multiple backup versions without requiring tens of gigabytes of drive space for each individual backup.

In addition, users will be able to consolidate both differential and incremental backups by merging them together, while also allowing virtual drive backups to be mounted in Windows, which means they can be accessed like regular drives in File Explorer. This gives users the ability to copy individual files and folders from the backup quickly and easily.

Users can mount existing backups -- including virtual disks from this release -- to browse and access their contents in File Explorer.

O&O DiskImage Professional 19 is available now as a free 30-day trial download for PCs running Windows 10 or later. A single-PC perpetual license normally costs $49.95, but you can pick one up for just $19.95 through the FileForum Software Store.

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